You can ingest marijuana in a lot of various methods. Every specific technique makes an entire difference to the desired result. A couple of techniques improve bioavailability, while some are quite less effective.  

So, what’s the best way to consume marijuana? Well, this depends on you and the type of marijuana you’re ingesting. Today, we are going to talk about the most popular techniques of consuming cannabis that you’ve bought from an online dispensary Canada

Topical Application 

Even if they do contain THC, cannabis lotions and creams will not get you high. Our skin is a barrier to CBD. It absorbs them before they make their way inside our bloodstream. But, cannabis topical is handy in treating a couple of skin illnesses such as psoriasis and eczema.  

Also, they’ve become a trending product in the beauty field. However, these are likely not for you if you’re searching for a psychoactive effect. 

Eating Cannabis 

The cannabis edibles’ effects can greatly depend. They can often get you extremely high. However, they can also often be ineffective. The reason for this is that a lot of cannabinoids can’t be absorbed since they’re filtered inside our liver. Edibles usually take 1 up to 2 hours before the effect kicks in.  

Almost every potent edible can be made in your house. Nowadays, it is basically the only choice because of the restrictions placed upon edibles that are produced commercially.  

Vaping Cannabis 

Typically, a vaporizer is far more complicated compared to a dab rig. They’re available in pocket-sized and desktop models. A lot of them can be loaded with all types of cannabis, from concentrates to flowers. These gadgets heat the cannabis just enough to convert it into vapor rather than combusting the cannabis. Because of this, the result will not be so harsh on your lungs. It also improves bioavailability. To make things simple, you should try your weed in a vaporizer if it isn’t strong enough in a roll-up. It will certainly make you high. 

Dabbing Cannabis 

Among millennial marijuana users, dabbing is a popular trend. Super potent cannabis concentrates are used for a dab rig instead of the flowers. Usually, premium wax and shatter have 50% or more THC content. The extract is contacted using a hot nail and vaporized. This can be a healthier and cleaner substitute for smoking as long as the concentrate doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.  

Smoking Cannabis 

For most recreational cannabis users, smoking is still the most well-known ingestion technique. You’re simply combusting the cannabis and inhaling the smoke, whether you enjoy a blast from a pipe, a bong hit, a joint, or a blunt. This technique is quite effective. It can get you high quite fast since it can deliver the effect to your system quickly.  

However, smoking isn’t the healthiest technique. Yes, you’ll get very high. However, it is simply not healthy. You will also be inhaling a lot of carcinogens if you combine your weed with tobacco. Even if you smoke pure marijuana, it is still not healthy.